13 December 2018
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Policy and General Purpose Committee Minimize

The Policy and General Purposes Committee is a strategic committee nominated by ICNDT with the precise tasks of establishing the strategy that ICNDT shall apply in developing its activity, execute the policies decided by the full International Committee and prepare papers and present to the full International Committee for approval.

Chairman ICNDT

Babu, Sajeesh K

Immediate Past Chairman

Farley, Mike

General Secretary

Gilbert, David J

Membership Chair

Conte, J

WCNDT President

Cho, Younho

Elected Member

Bond, S L
Dick, Les

Regional Representatives - African

Jansen, Harold
Sahaimi, Kamal

Regional Representatives - Asia-Pacific

Ooka, N
Poh Lee, Jon

Regional Representatives - European

Purschke, M
Trampus, P

Regional Representatives - Pan American

Belinco, Cesar
Bereson, Arny

Honorary Member

Aufricht, G
Babu, Sajeesh K
Bond, S
Conte, J
Farley, J M
Geng, R S
Gilbert, D J
Guo, C
Herelli, F
Johannes, M
Klyuev, V
Krstelj, V
Link, R
Marshall, D
Mullin, A
Nardoni, G
Onoe, M
Ooka, N
Purschke, M
Sonneveld, T
Theiretzbacher, H
Thompson, J
Vahaviolos, S

Chair WG 1 Committee - Qualification & Certification

Mullin, A

Chair WG 2 Committee - Membership

Conte, J

Chair WG 3 Committee - Education & Research

Cho, Younho

Chair WG 4 Committee - Communications

Gilbert, D

Chair WG 5 Committee - Radiation Protection

Purschke, M

Chair WG 6 Committee - Condition Monitoring

Clausing, T

Chair WG 7

Farley, M
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