ICNDT WG3 Education and Research

The Working Group is the focal point in ICNDT for activities relating to Education and Research and links to Universities. At a meeting held during the 19th WCNDT Dr Manfred Johannes stepped down after four years of service as Chair and Professor Younho Cho was elected as his successor.
The current members are:

Prof Steve Holland, Iowa State University, USA
Ekaterina Cheprasova, Russian Society for NDT
Prof Vjera Krstelj, Croatian NDT Society
Mr Harold Jansen, SAIW, South Africa
Prof Marc Kreutzbruck, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Kevin Smith, ASNT
Prof Uwe Ewert, BAM, Germany
Dr Tony Erhard, Germany
Prof Robert Smith/Prof Keith Newton, BINDT, UK
Dr Serge Dos Santos, INSA, France
Dr Mike Farley (as ICNDT PGP Chair)

The key actions for the next two years, agreed at upon the ICNDT General Assembly are:

  • Continue to promote register of Research organisations
  • Review when to update Research and Education Guides
  • Prepare a list of NDT books with commentary on their suitability
  • Draw up a list of Universities offering courses in NDT, categorizing them as in the ICNDT Guide
  • Sponsor International Specialist Groups, each hosted by a Member society
  • Promote more widely ICNDT Guide on importance of NDT and NDT research
  • Link to Academia NDT
  • Offer place for advertising Professorships and Studentships
  • Maintain the link to WFNDEC