World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing

The WCNDT is a prestigious once every four year conference where the world gathers to learn, share, and promote NDT. The first WCNDT dates back to 1955 and has since been a sought after event ,as well as, for a National NDT Society to host.

20th WCNDT Closing Video Master
XX President: Prof. Younho Cho (Korea)
Honorary Memberships: Mr. Fermin Gómez Fraile
Honorary Memberships: Prof. Younho Cho
Honorary Memberships: Mr. Harold Jansen
Award Winners:
Roentgen Award Dr. Shant Kenderian
Pawlowski Award Mr. David Gilbert
Havercroft Award The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT)
Sokolov Award Prof. Roman Maev
Young Achiever Award Dr. Misty Haith
Young Achiever Award Dr. Hogeon Seo
INCHEON, Korea 2024
XIX President: Dr. Matthias Purschke
Honorary Memberships: Dr. Sajeesh K Babu (Singapore)
Honorary Memberships: Ms. Sharon Bond (Canada)
Honorary Memberships: Mr. Joao Conte (Brazil)
Honorary Memberships: Mr. David Gilbert (UK)
Honorary Memberships: Ms. Vjera Krstelj (Croatia)
Honorary Memberships: Mr. Alexander Mullin (Russia)
Honorary Memberships: Dr. Matthias Purschke (Germany)
Award Winners:
Roentgen Award Prof. Tony Dunhill
Runner-up NPO Energomash
Pawlowski Award Dr. Mike Farley
Runners-up Prof. Vjera Krstelj, Dr. Makoto Ochiai, Dr. Vasily Sukhorukov
Havercroft Award Mr. Roger Lyon
Runner-up Prof. Anatoly Gourvich
Sokolov Award Prof. Hermann Wüstenberg
Runners-up Profs. Bruce Drinkwater and Paul Wilcox, and Valentin Kaloshin
Young Achiever Award  Alexander Machikhin
Runner-up Katy Milne
MUNICH, Germany 2016
XVIII President: Manfred Johannes
Honorary Memberships: Mr. Manfred Johannes (South Africa)
Honorary Memberships: Dr. Rong Sheng Geng (China)
Honorary Memberships: Dr. Norikazu Ooka (Japan)
Honorary Memberships: Mr. John Thompson (UK)
Award Winners:
Roentgen Award Profs. Peter Cawley and Michael Lowe (combined nomination); and
Prof. Teruo Kishi Pawlowski Award Mr. Douglas J Marshall
Havercroft Award Mr. Patrick Fallouey and Dr. Hajime Hatano (combined nomination)
Sokolov Award Prof. Chris Scruby
Young Achiever Award  Dr. Alexey Efimov and Mr. Christopher Lane
DURBAN, South Africa 2012
XVII President: Rong Sheng Geng
Honorary Memberships: Dr. Rainer Link (Germany)
Honorary Memberships: Mr. Tony Sonneveld (Australia)
Award Winners:
Roentgen Award Prof. Vladimir L. Chakhlov
Runners-up CIVA, the NDT simulation software; V Vengrinovich and V Artemiev
Pawlowski Award Tony Sonneveld and Gerhardt Aufricht
Runner-up Xu Yongchang
Havercroft Award Z S Nikiforova, S A Popoudina, S I Zinovjeva and V V Levkovich
Runner-up Nadezhda P. Biryukova
Sokolov Award Dr. Rong Seng Geng
Runner-up Eduard S Gorkunov
Young Achiever Award Andrei Evgenievich
SHANGHAI, China 2008
XVI President: Douglas Marshall
Honorary Memberships: Mr. Douglas Marshall (Canada)
Honorary Memberships: Dr. Sotirios Vahaviolos (USA)
Honorary Memberships: Prof. Guo (China)
Honorary Memberships: Mr. H Thieretzbacher (Austria)
Honorary Memberships: Prof. Ferid Herelli (Tunisia)
Award Winners:
Roentgen Award Research Institute of Introscopy - JSC MSIA "Spectrum"
Runners-up Tecnatom; Ewert/Redmer (BAM)
Pawlowski Award Giuseppe Nardoni
Runner-up John Zirnhelt
Education, Training & Certification Award John Zirnhelt
Sokolov Award Dr. Baldev Raj
Runner-up Anatoli Gourvich
Young Achiever Award Anish Kumar
Runner-up Philippe Rubbers
MONTREAL, Canada 2004
XV President: Giuseppe Nardoni
Honorary Memberships: Mr. Gerhard Aufricht (Austria)
Award Winners: Roentgen Award The American Society for NDT (ASNT)
Award Winners: Pawlowski Award Agfa
ROME, Italy 2000
XIV President: Dr. Baldev Raj
Honorary Memberships: Dr. Baldev Raj (India)
Honorary Memberships: Prof. Vladimir Klyuev (Russia)
Honorary Memberships: Prof. Morio Onoe (Japan)
Honorary Memberships: Dr. Mike Farley (UK)
Honorary Memberships: Mr. O P Singhania (India)
NEW DELHI, India 1996
XIII HPresident: C. Hallai
Honorary Memberships: Prof. Paul De Meester (Belgium)
Honorary Memberships: Giuseppe Nardoni (Italy)
SAO PAOLO, Brazil 1992
President: Gerard Van Dijk
Honorary Memberships: H Bosselaar (The Netherlands)
Honorary Memberships: Ari de Sterke (The Netherlands)
AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands 1989
President: W.E. Widner LAS VEGAS, USA 1985
President: Prof. M.N. Mikheev
Honorary Memberships: William Havercroft (Canada)
Honorary Memberships: Prof. H Kopinek (Germany)
Honorary Memberships: Mr. Roy Sharpe (UK)
Honorary Memberships: Prof. Z Pawlowski (Poland)
Honorary Memberships: Prof. M Mikheev (Russia)
President: L.S. Heard
Honorary Memberships: Dr. Leslie Mullins (UK)
MELBOURNE, Australia 1979
President: Prof. P. Bastien
Honorary Memberships: Prof. Homes (Belgium)
Honorary Memberships: Prof. Vaupel (Germany)
CANNES, France 1976
President: Prof. Z. Pawlowski
Honorary Memberships: Mr. G H Tenney (USA)
WARSAW, Poland 1970
President: Prof. V. Huuk HANOVER, Germany 1970
President: M.W.F. Havercroft MONTREAL, Canada 1967
President: M.H.N. Pemberton LONDON, Great Britain 1963
President: Prof. H. Kihara TOKYO, Japan 1960
President: M.G.H. Tenney CHICAGO, USA 1957
President: Prof. G.A. Homes BRUSSELS, Belgium 1955