ICNDT Awards

Since the 15th WCNDT in Rome, 2000, special recognition has been given to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service in their contributions to the various sectors of Non-Destructive Testing. As of now there are 5 awards each named after respected figures in the field of NDT. In addition, Honorary Memberships are also awarded during each WCNDT.

  • Roentgen Award

    Given for major contributions to the science and technology of NDT

  • Havercroft Award

    Given for major contributions to NDT education, training and certification

  • Sokolov Award

    Given for major contributions to NDT research

  • Pawlowski Award

    Given for major contributions to promotion of NDT internationally

  • ICNDT Young Achiever Award

    Given for achievement of young people under 35 in NDT

Please see below for a full list of all award recipients and runners up.

XV ROME, Italy 2000 Award Winners:
  • Roentgen AwardThe American Society for NDT (ASNT)
  • Pawlowski Award
XVI MONTREAL, Canada 2004 Award Winners:
  • Roentgen AwardResearch Institute of Introscopy - JSC MSIA "Spectrum"Runners-upTecnatom; Ewert/Redmer (BAM)
  • Pawlowski AwardGiuseppe NardoniRunners-upJohn Zirnhelt
  • Education, Training & Certification AwardJohn Zirnhelt
  • Sokolov AwardDr Baldev RajRunners-upAnatoli Gourvich
  • Young Achiever AwardAnish KumarRunners-upPhilippe Rubbers
XVII SHANGHAI, China 2008 Award Winners:
  • Roentgen AwardProfessor Vladimir L. ChakhlovRunners-upCIVA, the NDT simulation software; V Vengrinovich
    V Artemiev
  • Pawlowski AwardTony Sonneveld and Gerhardt AufrichtRunners-upXu Yongchang
  • Havercroft AwardZ S Nikiforova, S A Popoudina, S I Zinovjeva and V V LevkovichRunners-upNadezhda P. Biryukova
  • Sokolov AwardDr Rong Seng GengRunners-upEduard S Gorkunov
  • Young Achiever AwardAndrei Evgenievich
XVIII DURBAN, South Africa 2012 Award Winners:
  • Roentgen AwardProfessors Peter Cawley and Michael Lowe (combined nomination); and Professor Teruo Kishi
  • Pawlowski AwardMr Douglas J Marshall
  • Havercroft AwardMr Patrick Fallouey and Dr Hajime Hatano (combined nomination)
  • Sokolov AwardProfessor Chris Scruby
  • Young Achiever AwardDr Alexey Efimov and Mr Christopher Lane
XIX MUNICH, Germany 2016 Award Winners:
  • Roentgen AwardProfessor Tony DunhillRunners-upNPO Energomash
  • Pawlowski AwardDr Mike FarleyRunners-upProf Vjera Krstelj, Dr Makoto Ochiai, Dr Vasily Sukhorukov
  • Havercroft AwardMr Roger LyonRunners-upProf Anatoly Gourvich
  • Sokolov AwardProf Hermann WüstenbergRunners-upProfs Bruce Drinkwater and Paul Wilcox, and Valentin Kaloshin
  • Young Achiever AwardAlexander MachikhinRunners-upKaty Milne