NDT Frontiers

Scope of Activities

This group will consist of NDT experts from different countries who are well recognised globally. Each of those experts will represent their own country but, more importantly, the members of this group will represent different industry sectors, academia, research, engineering, and the various elements that are the driving force for NDT Frontiers. Organised by SIG NDT Frontiers an international interdisciplinary team of experts will be deeply engaged and continuously support the dialogues within the global NDT community. The mission of this SIG group is to help formulate short- and long-term programs, addressing the high-priority global development areas in NDT, SHM and condition monitoring as well as to foster international collaborations for the advancement of NDT technology.

This group will continuously monitor the whole global portfolio of all emerging and new advancements in NDT technologies and their important novel applications.

  • The NDT Frontiers group will be able to assist NDT international community and act as a taskforce with a highly professional interdisciplinary team of globally recognised NDT experts.
  • One of the aims of the NDT Frontiers group is to provide advice and consultations with regard to specific applications for national and international projects with the goal of achieving the efficient and optimised application of NDT technology in industry. In particular, SIG will be able to provide consultation with regard to NDT engineering, developing new and advanced NDT inspections, validating the new techniques, provide advice related to standardisations, certifications and training personnel. As a result of this SIG work, NDT technology will be more efficient and promising for that specific project’s applications.
  • A very important role of this SIG NDT Frontiers group is to coordinate cooperation between different national societies with regard to the application of different national standards, different national regulatory procedures, and to propose and develop new mechanisms and solutions which will be able to resolve related issues.
  • Another direction of SIG activities will be focused on publications and participation in various international and national professional conferences and symposiums. SIG members will be involved in organizing topical sessions, chairing sessions and presenting papers. The SIG plans to actively participate in all ICNDT conferences and symposiums (including WCNDT, ECNDT, PANNDT, APCNDT, etc.,) with original presentations, sessions, panel discussions and round table sessions.

In the future SIG: NDT Frontiers are also planning to organize regular Frontiers NDT Taskforce workshops in different countries based on the initiatives of national NDT Societies, involving their local organising and financial contributions.

Biography and Photo for the Chair of ICNDT SIG “NDT Frontiers”

Dr. Roman Gr. Maev, Distinguished University Professor of the University of Windsor, Ontario and founding Director-General of The Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research, Canada - a multidisciplinary, collaborative research institute.

The diverse range of disciplines encompassed by Dr. Maev includes theoretical physical acoustics, ultrasonic and nonlinear acoustical imaging, nanostructural properties of advanced materials and its analysis. He has published over 600 perreviewed items and holds 44 international patents.

Dr. Maev is a Life Fellow of IEEE, and a Fellow of ASNT, BINDT, CINDE, and RSNTTD. He was the recipient of various Fellowships and Awards, including the Roy Sharpe Award, UK, and the ASNT Mentoring Award, USA. He has Chaired numerous US, Canadian and International Symposia and Conferences, also Dr. Maev is a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE and has presented a number of Keynote and Invited lectures worldwide.

Dr. Maev is the ICNDT Specialist International Groups (SIG) Chair “NDT Frontiers”

ICNDT SIG: NDT Frontiers

Chair: Dr. Roman Gr. Maev
Email: rgmaev@gmail.com; or maev@uwindsor.ca

Secretary (North, Central, Latin America; Great Britain) : Mr. Ed Cabral
Email: e.cabral@cinde.ca

Secretary (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia) : Dr. York Oberdorfer
Email: york@tessonics.com