NDT of Art and Cultural Heritage

Scope of Activities

This Group is aimed at the formation of effective and professional communication in the field of advanced non-destructive evaluation methods for art analyses and cultural heritage. The participation in the Group of wide range of international experts as well as representatives of science, culture and business will allow the development of optimal solutions to the various existing problems while furthering the development of international relations.

One of the important defining characteristics of our Group is it is multidisciplinary, which includes specialists in the field of art, restoration and conservation of art objects and monuments of cultural heritage, experts in the field of architectural restoration, physicists, engineers, and entrepreneurs in this field. All of this provides a unique platform for communication and cooperation with colleagues from various professions, traditional schools and regions of the world actively working in this field. One of the important targets of SIG “NDT of Art and Culture Heritage” will enhance the effectiveness of joint efforts to preserve the cultural and historical heritage and help to establish new exciting projects in this field within international experts.

This Group since 2016 successfully organized regular international workshop “Analysing Art: new technologies – new applications” which is dedicated to the highly important topic for the national culture heritage, - complex approach of the preservation and study of art objects and various issues of cultural heritage. During its existence (2016 - London, 2018 – St Petersburg, 2022 – Florence), this workshop " Analysing Art: new technologies – new applications " has become an important platform for experts from all over the world to gather around and tackle problems and issues to achieve the common goal of the preservation and study of cultural and historical heritage. Specifically, highlighting advances in non-destructive testing for the conservation of art, this workshop brings together academic, government and business leaders to increase development work in culture and art conservation technologies.

In the future SIG are also planning to organize those regular workshops in different countries based on the initiatives of national NDT Societies, involving their local organising and financial contributions.

Another direction of SIG activities will be focused on participation in various international and national professional conferences and symposiums. SIG members will be involved in organizing topical sessions, chairing sessions and presenting papers. The SIG plans to actively participate in all ICNDT conferences and symposiums (including WCNDT, ECNDT, PANNDT, APCNDT, etc.,) with original presentations, sessions, panel discussions and round table sessions.

Biography and Photo for the Chair of ICNDT SIG “NDT of Art and Cultural Heritage”

Dr. Roman Gr. Maev, Distinguished University Professor of the University of Windsor, Ontario and founding Director-General of The Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research, Canada - a multidisciplinary, collaborative research institute.

The diverse range of disciplines encompassed by Dr. Maev includes theoretical physical acoustics, ultrasonic and nonlinear acoustical imaging, biomedical ultrasound, nano structural properties of advanced materials and art analysis. He has published over 600 peer reviewed items and holds 44 international patents.

Dr. Maev is a Life Fellow of IEEE, and a Fellow of ASNT, BINDT, CINDE, RSNTTD and The Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK. He was the recipient of various Fellowships and Awards, including the Roy Sharpe Award, UK, and the ASNT Mentoring Award, USA. He has Chaired numerous US, Canadian and International Symposia and Conferences, also Dr. Maev is a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE and has presented a number of Keynote and Invited lectures worldwide.

Dr. Maev is the ICNDT Specialist International Groups (SIG) Chair “NDT of Art and Cultural Heritage”

ICNDT SIG: NDT of Art and Cultural Heritage

Chair: Dr. Roman Gr. Maev
Email: rgmaev@gmail.com; or maev@uwindsor.ca

Secretary (North, Central, Latin America; UK) : Mr. Ed Cabral
Email: e.cabral@cinde.ca

Secretary (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia) : Dr. York Oberdorfer
Email: york@tessonics.com