March 25, 2024

ICNDT Recognition of Voluntary Effort 2024

The International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT) acknowledges all voluntary work carried out by members of NDT societies worldwide, furthermore at each World Conference, ICNDT selects certain individuals who are worthy of special recognition of voluntary effort. For 2024, nine people have been chosen for such recognition, several of which were nominated for ICNDT awards.

They are:
・Gerhard Aufricht (OGfZP)
・Prof. Robert Smith (BINDT)
・Prof. Pavel Mazal (CNDT)
・Jon Biddulph (BINDT)
・Florence Bey (COFREND)
・Dickson Tan Beng Siew (NDTSS)
・Abdur Rahman Mahomed (SAINT)
・Istvan Skopal (MAROVISZ)
・Takeo Tsuchiya (JSNDI)

Congratulations to all winners!

Click here to download the ICNDT Recognition of Voluntary Effort 2024 announcement letter.