August 17, 2016

Guide to Qualification and Certification of Personnel for Condition Monitoring

The prime purpose of this guide, which has been prepared under the auspices of the International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT) Working Group 6, is to promote best practice in the qualification and certification of CM personnel according to the International Standard ISO 18436, Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines – Requirements for qualification and assessment of personnel.

The competence of CM personnel is a key element in achieving reliability in condition monitoring (CM) and is vital to ensure the quality and safety of products and installations.
This ICNDT guide is of importance to all tiers in the management of CM operations: regulators, inspection bodies, certification bodies, industry, CM service companies and supervisors of CM personnel.

The ICNDT has promoted worldwide dissemination of NDT and CM technologies and the harmonisation of personnel certification schemes for more than 50 years. Such standardisation becomes ever more important as the globalisation of trade increases.

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