March 25, 2024


At each World Conference, ICNDT presents awards to people and organisations that have made major contributions to NDT. The winners are chosen by secret ballot of the members of the ICNDT Advisory Committee (IAC), from nominations submitted by member societies.

There are five awards:
・HAVERCROFT AWARD for a major contribution to NDT Education, Training and Certification
・PAWLOWSKI AWARD for a major contribution to the promotion of NDT Internationally
・ROENTGEN AWARD for major contribution to science and technology of NDT
・SOKOLOV AWARD for a major contribution to NDT Research
・YOUNG ACHIEVER AWARD for achievement of young people in NDT

The 2024 winners are:
・HAVERCROFT: The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT)
・PAWLOWSKI: Mr. David Gilbert
・ROENTGEN: Dr. Shant Kenderian
・SOKOLOV: Prof. Roman Maev
・YOUNG ACHIEVER: Dr. Misty Haith and Dr. Hogeon Seo

Congratulations to all winners!

Click here to download the ICNDT AWARDS 2024 WINNERS announcement letter.